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What is spandex covered yarn?

September 02,2023

Spandex coated yarn  is an elastic yarn formed by wrapping the stretched spandex yarn in a spiral shape with non elastic long or short fibers as the core. According to the number of wrapping layers and the number of laps per centimeter of the wrapping layer, it can be divided into two types:  single covered yarn (SCY)   and  double covered yarn (DCY). It can also be divided into two types according to different processes: empty wrap and machine wrap.

covered yarn is a pre stretched spandex elastic yarn that passes through the center of a hollow spindle to form a core wire. The yarn or filament on the spindle is covered evenly and spirally around the spandex, and then synchronously wound. This yarn has the characteristics of elastic elongation (300% -400%), hard feel, thick yarn count, and high strength. It is mainly used for knitting high elastic fabrics, such as socks, weft knitted underwear, leg protection elastic bands, etc. Wrap yarn is the most commonly used variety in spandex processing, accounting for about 65% of the entire yarn type. Its outer wrap yarn is mostly polyester, nylon, elastic or cotton yarn, and polypropylene is also used as the outer wrap yarn.

Ⅰ. The application of spandex in the knitted sock industry:

1. Nylon covered with spandex:

At present, in the sock industry market, the wrapping yarn mainly consists of nylon covered spandex surface. It is mainly divided into knitted socks for men, women, and children, silk stockings, one-piece socks, sports socks, and currently popular ultra-thin transparent socks. Among them, the largest number are modern women's stockings, pantyhose, as well as abdominal and hip lifting socks that are loved by women who love beauty, and ultra-thin transparent socks. These are all made of covered yarn that combines the good elasticity of spandex with the high strength and wear resistance of nylon. The product sales and prospects are often promising, which is conducive to the development of nylon covered yarn.

2. Polyester covered spandex:

Polyester covered spandex socks, due to their relatively low price and durability, still have a certain market. At present, we mainly produce convenience socks, socks, etc. with a focus on length. The product grade is relatively low, and due to the difficulty of dyeing, its moisture absorption, breathability, and wear resistance are poor. Therefore, it is difficult for its products to develop, and in order to develop, it is necessary to improve the usage performance of polyester itself.

3. Cotton yarn covered with spandex:

Used to make relatively high-end cotton socks, it has good breathability, wetness, comfort, and elasticity of pure cotton fabric. However, its development speed is not very fast due to production costs and durability constraints, and its washing and sun fastness are poor. With the improvement of process technology, there will continue to be high-end cotton covered spandex surface market, which can continuously meet people's requirements for wearing comfort and high-end.

4. With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for wearing wool covered spandex has become increasingly high-end. The pursuit of high-end comfort and thermal insulation has become a fashion trend, providing good opportunities and conditions for the emergence and development of wool covered spandex covered yarn. Wool socks made of wool covered spandex covered yarn have excellent thermal insulation, breathability, moisture absorption and drainage, and elasticity, and their products have broad development prospects.

Ⅱ. Application in the knitted clothing industry:

1. Cotton covered spandex, hemp covered spandex, and wool covered spandex: The use of spandex in clothing began with the three cuffs (collar, cuffs, and cuffs) of knitted underwear. Previously, knitted underwear was mostly made of pure cotton material, but after washing, its elasticity disappeared and the three cuffs deformed, making it neither warm nor aesthetically pleasing. Since the introduction of spandex, the three ribbed knitted underwear adopts the weaving process of inputting bare spandex silk, greatly improving the elasticity of the three seams. As a result, various fabrics with spandex have become more and more popular, and are used in elastic underwear, sports and sports wear, bodybuilding clothes, and so on. However, when naked spandex silk is fed into the fabric, it is generally fed in the weft direction. Therefore, most spandex fabrics have good weft elasticity, while the warp elasticity is not too large, so the clothing's fit is not very good. With the use of wrapping yarn technology, the bidirectional elasticity of the clothing fabric is greatly improved. The clothing made can not only reflect the curvy beauty of the human body, especially women who love beauty, but also be comfortable to wear and beautiful and generous. At present, it is mainly used to produce high-end men's and women's underwear, bodybuilding clothing, sportswear, competition clothing, leisure clothing, yoga clothing, etc. Its development prospects are very promising, making people's wearing taste further high-end.

2. Nylon covered spandex, polyester covered spandex: Nylon covered spandex, polyester covered spandex covered yarn fabric has better elasticity, wear resistance, bright color, strong resistance to water washing and sunlight, and durability. It is an ideal fabric for making swimwear, competition wear, yoga wear, sports wear, exercise wear, cycling wear, and other clothing. Nowadays, whether it is a world-renowned brand or other clothing manufacturers, We regard it as the preferred fabric for producing sports clothing, and its products are distributed all over the world.

3. Due to the good hand feel, high breathability, and moisture absorption of silk covered with spandex, as well as the good elasticity of spandex, the product grade of clothing made of covered yarn fabric is very high. The fabric of this product has become the preferred clothing material for contemporary women who love beauty. It has good wearing comfort, smooth hand feel, skin friendliness, high breathability, high sweating resistance, and moisture absorption, and can fully showcase the curve beauty of modern women's bodies. Especially, it provides high-quality fabrics for summer clothing. Therefore, it will be a top priority for production and development now and in the future.

Ⅲ. With the rapid development of the clothing industry, the demand for sewing thread

has also tended to be multi variety and multifunctional. There has been a emergence of cored thread with high-strength and low shrinkage polyester filament as the core wire and polyester short fiber as the leather wire. Its products combine the advantages of polyester filament strength, low shrinkage, and polyester short fiber texture well. Therefore, its application in developed countries is becoming more and more widespread, and there is great room for development.

Ⅳ. Spandex Twisted Yarn (PLY):

Twisted yarn, also known as ply yarn, is a combination of stretchable spandex edges and two other non elastic yarns. Usually produced on ring twisting machines equipped with special yarn feeding devices. It is commonly used for weaving thick and medium to low elastic fabrics, such as elastic labor cloth, elastic gabardine, etc. The strip is uniform and the product is clean. The disadvantage is that the handle is slightly hard, as the core wire is easily exposed, making it difficult to make dark colored products.

Ⅴ. Spandex downstream fabric spandex elastic silk fabric is woven from different yarns

such as bare silk, core-spun yarn, overlay yarn, and twist yarn according to the fabric style and wearing requirements. Thick elastic fabrics such as elastic labor cloth, elastic corduroy, elastic strength, elastic flavor, medium thick elastic fabrics such as elastic khaki, elastic gabardine, elastic board fabric, thin and thin elastic fabrics such as elastic poplin, elastic fine cloth, elastic bubble cloth, etc.

Spandex elastic fabric is elastic, non oppressive, stable in size, good in recovery, soft in texture, comfortable in movement, and can reflect the natural beauty of the human body. Therefore, it is suitable for making elastic clothing such as men's and women's suits, overalls, uniforms, children's clothing, shirts, and women's intimate underwear.

Elastic fabrics are divided into two types according to weaving methods: organic fabrics and knitted fabrics. Woven fabrics include double-sided stretch, warp stretch, and weft stretch fabrics. Knitted fabrics include knitted warp knitted, knitted weft knitted, woven socks, seamless underwear, etc.

1. Woven fabric is a polyester cotton covering yarn made of polyurethane fibers for weft yarns, while cotton yarn is used for warp yarns. The polyurethane fiber content in the weft yarn is 10%, and the polyurethane fiber content in the entire fabric is only 5%. Elastic denim is a common type of polyurethane fiber fabric. Warp stretch fabric is a mixture of polyurethane fibers in warp yarn and ordinary cotton yarn in weft.

2. Knitted fabrics, spandex bare silk, are mainly used for warp knitted fabrics, which contain about 20% polyurethane fibers, while the rest are nylon and polyester filaments. During the warp knitting process, the elongation of spandex is 180-200%, and warp knitted fabrics containing polyurethane fibers are mainly used for swimwear and fitness pants. The main varieties in warp knitting include: (1) warp knitted spandex plain fabric: double combed weaving, 40D spandex interwoven with 40D nylon as the standard grey fabric for swimwear, with an spandex content of 18%. (2) warp knitted spandex elastic mesh fabric: interwoven with 75-1500 spandex and 50-150D nylon, with an spandex content of about 18%. (3) warp knitted spandex lace: woven with 150D spandex as weft lining, the spandex content is about 10-12%,

Polyurethane fibers in weft knitted fabrics are applied in the form of bare silk, twisted silk, and core-spun yarn, interwoven with general filament and textile fabrics. The ratio of spandex to other yarns is 1:1-3:2.

3. Narrow fabric is a type of fabric with elastic bands. Narrow width fabrics are produced by weaving machines. A ribbon loom can simultaneously produce 40-60 strips, using coarse denier spandex as the raw material, accounting for 50-70% of the raw material. The ribbon fabric made of spandex has a longer lifespan and better whiteness than the ribbon fabric made of rubber silk.

4. Weaving thin pantyhose and stockings usually uses 20/12 or 30/18, namely 12 denier nylon single pack 20D spandex covered silk or 18 denier nylon single pack 30D spandex covered silk. Medium thick socks use 20/70, 30/70 or 40/70 covered silk, and the rubber band mouth uses 110D or 140D spandex bare silk. At present, most of the medical elastic socks in China are imported, and only a few factories can produce them. They use 140D, 210D, and 420D spandex, and use 40D or 30D nylon dual color to achieve high pressure beyond the conventional range, in order to meet medical requirements.

5. Seamless underwear is a newly developed technology in recent years. Due to the overall weaving and comfortable wearing of clothes, the use of spandex is essential. Generally, it is commonly used in 20/12, 20/30, 20/50, 30/30, 40/30, etc. Spandex is 20D, 30D, 40D, which has slight pressure on the human body to achieve extreme comfort and achieve a shaping effect.

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