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Do you know colored yarn?

November 27,2023

Colored yarn, the shining star of gorgeous fabrics. It is not only a glorious heritage of Chinese traditional culture, but also a synonym for high-end fashion. No matter where you are, you can appreciate the unique charm brought by this silk fabric.

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1. The history and production technology of colored yarn

Colored yarn is a glorious heritage of Chinese traditional culture, which can be traced back to the Eastern Han Dynasty, when it was called "Lingluo". It has become a fashionable item in the Tang Dynasty, and Bai Juyi also gave it a poetic touch.

The production process of colored yarn is exquisite and complex, requiring multiple processes to create its noble appearance. First of all, silk processing is a key step. After the silk is taken out, it needs to be processed such as degumming and finishing to improve the quality and feel. Next is the dyeing step, which determines the color and gorgeousness of the yarn. Traditional dyeing methods use plant dyes such as madder and purple flower, while modern dyes use chemical dyes to create more rich colors.

Weaving is the final step in making yarn, where the dyed silk is woven into fabric. This requires exquisite skills, such as linen weaving, satin weaving, etc. After weaving is completed, the colored yarn shows rich patterns and unique texture.

2. Classification of colored yarn

According to color

Colored spinning Colored spinning uses at least one or more colored fibers and other fibers of different colors mixed and spun in different proportions. The yarn produced can show a variety of hazy colors. It is a fine product in colored spinning. Mainly It is used to produce high-end knitted inner and outer garments, and a small amount is used in yarn-dyed fabrics.

Floral gray spinning Floral gray spinning is a mixture of white fiber and black fiber. The proportion of black cotton increases or decreases according to the requirements of the fabric. The yarn produced can appear in three colors: dark gray, medium gray and light gray. It is the leading product of colored spinning yarn and is mainly used in knitting enterprises.

According to ingredients

Pure cotton-colored spinning Pure cotton-colored spinning uses one or more different colors of cotton fiber and white cotton fiber to mix and spin, according to different ratios, mixed in the blowroom or drawing process, and passed through combing and other processes It is spun as the leading product of colored yarn.

Pure chemical fiber color spinning Pure chemical fiber color spinning uses pure chemical fibers as raw materials, such as polyester, viscose fiber, Tencel fiber, soybean fiber, modal fiber, etc., and is obtained by blending one or more chemical fibers of different colors. , mainly used as yarn for knitting, socks, sweaters and decorative fabrics.

Polyester/cotton colored spinning polyester/cotton colored spinning yarn is made by mixing one or more colors of cotton dyed fiber or one or more colors of colored polyester with original white cotton fiber or original white polyester. It is mainly used for general varieties. yarn for knitting.

Other blended color spinning yarns are mainly cotton or polyester, mixed with various natural fibers, such as silk, wool, cashmere, hemp fiber, etc., and sometimes mixed with some special fibers, such as Tencel fiber, Lycra, soybean fiber, Modal fiber, etc., form two or more blended colored yarns, which are mainly used for high-end knitted clothing. The ratio of various fibers depends on the requirements of the fabric. The ultimate goal is to make the clothing soft, comfortable, gorgeous, and non-deformable.

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3. Production characteristics of colored yarn

It can be summarized into three aspects: environmental protection, technicality and challenge.

First of all, color spinning has good environmental protection. Compared with traditional dyeing methods, the fiber dyeing of colored yarn is carried out before spinning, and the fibers have been fully dyed, thus reducing environmental pollution during the entire production process. This environmentally friendly advantage has positive significance for modern society's emphasis on environmental protection.

Secondly, the production of colored yarn has certain technical aspects. Due to the diversity and softness of colors, colored spinning fibers are required to maintain bright colors and not fade during the spinning process. Therefore, manufacturing colored yarn requires the process of dyeing first and then spinning, and requires professional technicians to perform operations such as proofing and dyeing. At the same time, in order to make the color more accurate and stable, strict management of dyes, auxiliaries and other materials is also required.

Finally, the production of color-spun yarn is highly challenging. Color spinning production requires the collaboration of the entire team, requiring quick response and decision-making capabilities. At the same time, the fashionability and diversity of colors have put forward higher requirements for enterprises’ production management, technological innovation, transformation and upgrading. Only companies with challenger qualities can succeed in this field.

To sum up, the production of colored yarn is environmentally friendly, technical and challenging. Colored yarn has broad application prospects in the field of textiles and can meet the needs of modern consumers for personalization, diversification and fashion.

4. Application

Colored yarn is widely used in the fashion industry. It is often used to make traditional clothing such as cheongsam, Tang suit and Hanfu, highlighting the classical charm while showing modern fashion elements. Colored yarn is also often used in advanced custom-made clothing and wedding dress designs, giving the wearer a noble and elegant temperament.

In the home furnishing field, colored yarn also shines. Bedding, curtains, cushions and other household items made of colored yarn add a strong artistic atmosphere to the home space. Whether it is a warm and comfortable bedroom or a gorgeous and touching living room, colored yarn can add a unique style to it.

Finally, let us feel the unique charm of colored yarn and let it become a gorgeous pearl for you to share with the world. Whether you are in a Chinese metropolis or a distant overseas country, Sesha will bring you endless surprises and pleasure!

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