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All you need to know about filament yarn, FDY, POY, DTY, ATY and more

July 27,2023

FDY(full draw yarn)

Synthetic fiber filaments further produced by spinning and stretching. The fibers are fully stretched and can be used directly in textile warp processing.

Regularly there are polyester and nylon full-stretch filaments, both belong to chemical fiber filament.FDY  fabrics are smooth and soft to the touch, and are often used to weave imitation silk fabrics. It has a wide range of uses in clothing and home textiles.

POY(pre-oriented yarn)

Obtained by high-speed spinning of the degree of orientation in the non-oriented filament and the stretch of the filament between the degree of not fully stretched chemical fiber filament. Compared with the un-stretched filament, it has a certain degree of orientation, good stability, and is often used as a special filament for stretching false-twisted deformed yarn (DTY).

DTY(draw textured yarn)

It uses POY make raw silk, stretching and false twist deformation processing made. It tends to have a certain degree of elasticity and stretch.

ATY(air textured yarn)

It was invented by DuPont in the U.S. The principle is to use the jet method to make the air jet technology on the filament bundles for cross-linking processing, the formation of irregular twisted silk circle, so that the filament bundles have a fluffy terry-like yarn. Processed into the deformation of the yarn both filament and staple fiber yarn both performance, woolly, feel good, coverage is better than the staple fiber yarn.

1. Usage

Generally used for woven, knitting, the use of air deformation technology, can be made into medium, fine fiber monofilament or filament, or core imitation of wool, linen, cotton, etc., known as the imitation of yarn deformation, but also can be processed for carpets, sofa, tapestry use of the coarseness of the yarn.Four types of raw filaments can be discharged on a typical air deformer, and the raw filaments can be monofilaments or pre-oriented filaments. The monofilament fibers of a typical deformed yarn should be less than 2.8 DTEX ( 2.5D ). The oil content of the raw silk should be low in order to increase the loop on the yarn line.

2. Physicality

Air textured yarn is superior to the original yarn before texturing in terms of fluffiness, air permeability, luster and softness. The fiber is 10-15 % higher than that of the original yarn, and the boiling water shrinkage is maintained at about 3 %, but the strength is reduced by 40 % because only a small part of the monofilaments are stretched, but they are subjected to the loading force of the whole bundle.

Other chemical fiber filament types

Primary filament: UDY、MOY、HOY

Draw yarn:DY、 FOY

Textured yarn:DY

Identification methods

1、hand-pulling method

Generally POY can be re-drawn a little longer, FDY a little less. Because POY is a pre-oriented yarn, not fully stretched, the remaining elongation should be more than 50%; while FDY is a fully oriented yarn, the remaining stretch is generally more than 40%, more stable.

2、Appearance identification method:

DTY fibers are curly, POY and FDY fibers are straight, while the strength of FDY is better and POY strength is poorer.

Difference between filament and staple fiber

1、Filament is a continuous filament obtained from the processing of natural or chemical fibers, without cutting process, divided into monofilament and compound filament.

2、Staple fiber refers to the length of a few millimeters to tens of millimeters of fiber, such as cotton, wool, flax and other natural fibers, can also be made from filament cut off.


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