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5 words commonly seen in seamless knitting clothes

August 07,2023

Today we introduce you to five common words of seamless knitting products:

1. nylon,

2. polyamide,

3. polyester,

4. spandex,


These five terms, polyamide is nylon and lycra are spandex in textile industry.

Polyamide (Nylon)

We often see on wash mark of the garments indicate 95% nylon+ 5% spandex, 90% nylon+ 10% spandex, 88% nylon+ 12% spandex, 80% nylon+ 20% spandex on clothes we buy. All the above are called nylon fabrics, and the products are usually dyed in one pure color.


Nylon has single and double yarn, double yarn is two single plies of nylon twisted or plied with each other, relatively speaking of stability, double yarn is better than single yarn. The thickness of the yarn is indicated by the letter “D”. For example, the common 120D, 80D, etc., the larger the number, the thicker the yarn, and the thicker the fabric.

AB yarn(Fancy yarn)


Within the industry, AB yarn products come in a variety of styles. Essentially, they are a combination of two yarn types: nylon and polyester, along with a certain amount of covered yarn to enhance elasticity. During the dyeing process of AB yarn products, the polyester component does not absorb color. As a result, the finished products often appear as white threads or white specks. However, by modifying the initial color of the polyester, different styles and colors of knitted fabrics can be achieved. In the market, these products are mainly available in white and dark colors.

Covered yarn(Nylon + Spandex)

The composition of seamless knitted yoga and fitness wear is generally composed of nylon or AB yarn along with covered yarn. The material and combination of the covered yarn largely determine the product's excellent rebound properties.

The specifications of covered yarn are expressed in numerical terms, such as the commonly seen 2050, 3030, 4030, etc. The first two digits indicate the thickness of the spandex, and the last two digits indicate the thickness of the nylon. A higher numerical value for the spandex while a lower numerical value for the nylon, usually results in a higher price, better overall elasticity, and increased product thickness.


The common forms of covered yarn can be divided into two types:  ACYand  SCY.

1.Air Covered Yarn(ACY):

The structure of air covered yarn is spiral-like, where nylon and spandex are intertwined and twisted together. This method is relatively lower in cost and has a faster production speed. However, the finished product tends to have average elasticity and rebound properties.

2.Single Covered Yarn(SCY):

The structure of machine covered yarn resembles a snake coiling around a stick. In this method, nylon threads are wound around spandex threads in a circular pattern. Yarn produced using this method exhibits superior elasticity and rebound properties, making it suitable for high-quality products. However, the corresponding price is relatively higher, and the production speed is slower.


Lycra, essentially spandex, was successfully developed by the German company Bayer in 1937. Production commenced by the American company DuPont in 1959, and it is now a registered trademark for DuPont's spandex fiber.

Compared to regular spandex, Lycra significantly enhances fabric elasticity and extensibility. Its rebound effect is outstanding, and it can be used in conjunction with various materials, including wool, linen, silk, and cotton. It offers a snug and comfortable fit due to its minimal constriction. However, its cost is higher as well.


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