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Vertual tour to Derun's Factory

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Welcome to the virtual tour of Derun's Factory!

As we step into the factory, the first thing we see is our raw material warehouse, including nylon6 chips, nylon and polyester POY yarn and spandex yarn.


PA6 chips melting spinning equipment. This equipment is used to melt and spin nylon chips into yarn. The chips we using is Polyamide 6, a type of nylon polymer that is commonly used in the production of textiles. Derun also equipped the masterbatch metering pump to control dope-dyed yarn production. The pump provides a controlled release of pigment masterbatch into the nylon chip melting system, that's the key to the uniformity of colour.



The chips are heated and melted before being extruded through spinnerets, which are small holes that shape the yarn into specific dtex and filaments. The POY than be feed in to the spinning machine, POY stands for “partially oriented yarn,” which means that the yarn has been stretched to a certain degree but not fully.

P-3Nylon POY Spinning Equipment.4

Next, we move on to the POY draw texturing machine, Derun uses this machine to produce nylon 6 DTY. This machine adds texture to the yarn by using heated rollers to twist and stretch the yarn further. This process improves the yarn's strength and makes it more suitable for use in fabrics and other textiles.

P-4 DTY texturing machine.5

Finally, we come to the one-step air-covering machine. This machine is used to combine two or more yarns to create a single yarn with improved characteristics such as softness, stretchability, and strength. The process involves wrapping one yarn around another while passing both through a high-speed air jet. This creates a uniform covering around the yarns, resulting in a high-quality, finished product.

P-5 AirCovering.6

As we end our tour, we can see the intricate and fascinating process involved in the production of nylon yarn. The use of advanced equipment and technology ensures that the yarn produced is of the highest quality and meets the stringent requirements of the textile industry.

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